Transitional Year Program at Bayonne Medical Center

CarePoint Health-Bayonne Medical Center’s Transitional Year residency training provides residents with a well-balanced educational program covering multiple clinical disciplines. Training is designed to facilitate preparation for a specific specialty, including specialties requiring a year of fundamental clinical education as a prerequisite.

Our program is 13 (4 week) blocks in length and functions under the sponsorship of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Our leadership team will adjust each resident’s schedule based on the requirements of the advanced standing program (PGY2) to which each CarePoint Health resident is matched.

Residents rotate monthly through a diverse curriculum of internal medicine rotations, and gain experience in emergency medicine, ambulatory care and at least two months of electives of their choice. Various elective options are provided to residents, including anesthesiology, neurology, general surgery, pulmonary medicine and any other rotation discussed and agreed upon in conjunction with the Transitional Year Residency Program Director.