Podiatry at Hoboken University Medical Center

Hoboken University Medical Center Podiatric Medical & Surgical Residency (PMSR/RRA) is a comprehensive 3 year training program designed to prepare our residents to become the best foot & ankle surgeons. Located in Hoboken, NJ, just across the Hudson River from New York City, this program has a vast variety of foot & ankle pathology that the residents see daily.

The residents at HUMC are trained to efficiently treat patients in both in-patient and out-patient settings, at one of our 3 hospitals within the CarePoint Health System, or within the private practices of the many skilled attendings.

The seven surgical centers the residents train at provide experience in all classic podiatric elective surgical procedures. The variety of surgical centers allows the residents to work with many different attendings, gathering knowledge to hone both their clinical and surgical skills.

An aspect of the HUMC Podiatric Medical & Surgical Residency Program that stands out throughout the north east, is the abundance of trauma experience our residents receive. With no orthopaedic residents, the podiatric residents receive all foot and ankle trauma that comes to our hospitals. The residents are often asked to assist the orthopaedic surgeons in cases ranging from lower extremity all the way to the hand! This is a very trauma heavy program, making our residents comfortable with any pathology or injury they are faced with.

To see more of the everyday life of one of our residents, follow us on Instagram: @hobokenfootanklesurgery.