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What if your hospital provided excellent in-network health care coverage and concierge customer service too?

What if your hospital provided excellent in-network health care coverage and concierge customer service too?

You're covered

Wouldn’t it be great if you had in-network health care coverage at a hospital close to home and a health care clinic in your neighborhood? What if it came with someone who could coordinate your doctor and specialist appointments, who could get your lab results to you quickly, and who could answer your insurance questions—large or small?

The good news is CarePoint Health provides it all.


  • CarePoint Health is now in-network with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey insurance. If you have Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, you’re now covered as in-network at our hospitals (Bayonne Medical Center, Christ Hospital in Jersey City and Hoboken University Medical Center), and as Tier 1 with CarePoint Health Medical Group doctors.That means you’ll have lower out-of-pocket costs to award-winning health care in Bayonne, Hoboken and Jersey City.
  • In addition, CarePoint Health does not restrict access to care based on your insurance benefits. A list of additional in-network insurance carriers with Bayonne Medical Center, Christ Hospital in Jersey City, Hoboken University Medical Center and CarePoint Health Medical Group doctors can be found here.
  • You should also know that if you are not in-network with CarePoint Health you can still seek emergency care with us. New Jersey law mandates that New Jersey insurance companies always cover emergency room services as in-network,* including hospital stays. That means you are only responsible for your deductible or out-of-pocket expenses, no matter where you receive care.This is to protect patients in a medical emergency to ensure they receive access to the closest, most appropriate care in the event of a medical emergency, regardless of network status.

The benefits to being in-network at CarePoint Health

To be in-network with your insurance plan, our doctors and facilities must meet certain credentialing requirements and agree to accept a discounted rate for covered services under your health plan.

When you choose CarePoint Health as your health care partner, you are choosing a network of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who are dedicated to continuously providing a high standard of patient-centered care, smart technology and safety assurance.

Many of our doctors have been named Top Doctors by Inside Jersey magazine and Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. These doctors come from a range of specialty areas and are among the most highly rated by their peers in the state of New Jersey.


When you sign up for our concierge health care service, you will have someone to turn to when you need care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone or email.

You may think that because we offer a “concierge” service that we only cater to individuals who pay us extra fees for increased service. That is far from the truth. Our services are available to everyone at no charge.

Our concierge team can:

  • Quickly schedule appointments: Usually within 24 hours. For specialist appointments, radiologic testing, same day surgery and more.
  • Get faster access: To your test results, medical information and more.
  • Obtain referrals: For medical needs, as well as any needed pre-authorizations or pre-certifications.
  • Work with insurers: So you can more easily navigate any billing questions or concerns, and be assured you’re covered.
  • Help you stay healthier: By getting the routine and not-so-routine care you need, when you need it. Our team is here to help you gain more confidence, comfort and control of your health care.

When you have the team at CarePlus working for you, many of the problems that can occur when you’re trying to manage your health become easier.

  • You get the right care at the right time.
  • Your care becomes coordinated and cohesive.
  • You make one phone call and a concierge goes to work to get your questions answered.
  • Your concierge works closely with you through your entire care process and will always follow up with you when needed.

Our concierge team is dedicated to assisting you in the same way they would assist a member of their own family. You can sign up for our concierge service with a simple phone call to 201.884.5329.

If you live in Bayonne, Hoboken or Jersey City, the in-network health care coverage and exceptional standard of concierge care you and your family deserve is available at a CarePoint Health hospital or CarePoint Health Medical Group clinic near you.

*Not all plans issued in the state of NJ are governed by NJ law. Certain employer sponsored plans may fall under Federal ERISA law. Coverage for emergency services for these plans should be clearly defined in your summary of benefits. If you have any questions regarding your coverage, we encourage you to contact your insurance carrier.


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