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Tips for finding comfortable shoes during pregnancy

Tips for finding comfortable shoes during pregnancy

Comfortable shoes are a necessity during pregnancy. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), your feet may end up growing between one-half to a full size permanently during the time you are pregnant. 

Obviously, you may want to end up choosing shoes that are comfortable and have plenty of room to accommodate your growing feet during pregnancy. Since you’re carrying extra baby weight, you’ll also want to choose shoes that provide your body with the support it needs.

To ease any foot soreness and discomfort associated with your pregnancy, the ACFAS recommends that you wear support stockings to minimize swelling in your feet and ankles, and wear athletic shoes with arch support and a roomy toe box to help support growth and the extra weight you’ll be carrying for the duration of your pregnancy.

Here are tips you should follow when shopping for comfortable shoes during pregnancy.

Look for shoes that allow your feet to breathe

If you’re not quite into athletic shoes, or work at a place of business where athletic shoes are not tolerated, look for flat-soled sandals or other styles that allow your feet to breathe.

Opt for short-heeled or flat-soled boots

If you’re going to be pregnant throughout the chilly winter months, you may need to buy a pair of boots. Shop for boots that have flat soles or that have short heels so you’re not slipping and sliding around in snow or ice on heels.

Shop for broad, low heels

Wearing low-heeled pumps may be tempting, but a loafer-style shoe with a low, stacked heel will offer your pregnant body much better support, and may feel more comfortable.

Buy everyday shoes that have rubber soles

Comfortable shoes with rubber heels will serve as shock absorbers, which put less pressure on your knees and back. If you’re at the point in your pregnancy where it’s difficult for you to bend down and tie your shoes, look for “mock sneaks,” which are athletic shoes that slip on, and have rubber soles. Slip-on shoes will also be easier to work with than laced shoes, considering your feet may often be swollen.

Look for shoes that offer ankle support

If your feet lift out of your shoes while you walk, then you’re lacking in ankle support. You might be tempted to stick with moccasin-style shoes and ballet flats, but these types of shoes lack ankle support and could result in major discomfort by the end of the day. Make sure you purchase shoes that offer strong ankle support.

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