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Swimming may be an ideal low-impact alternative to walking

Swimming may be an ideal low-impact alternative to walking

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Water is good for you?” Not only does hydration keep you healthy, but getting immersed in water can be beneficial, too. Swimming and water aerobics are often overlooked when thinking about better ways to start exercising.

After undergoing bariatric surgery, you may face challenges with adopting a healthier lifestyle. What you may not know is that by simply getting in the pool and moving around, you are using muscles more than when you are walking on land.

While most people try a variety of workouts to get their cardio fix, swimming can be just as beneficial and have less wear and tear on your body. Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, and water has less of an impact on your body than the ground or weights.

Check out your local community center or outdoor pool and start walking, or sign up for a water aerobics course to work toward swimming laps. Progress can be slow, but it’s better than hurting from the impact of walking on the ground.

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