Robotic Surgery
Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

At our Christ Hospital and Hoboken University Medical Center locations we offer advanced robotic surgery. This type of minimally invasive surgery allows our surgeons to have greater control and vision during surgery, so that they can perform safe, less invasive and more precise surgical procedures.

CarePoint Health performed the first procedure in New Jersey using the da Vinci Xi System® in 2014. Since then, our team of leading-edge experts has performed hundreds of minimally invasive robotic-assisted procedures.

During robotic-assisted surgery, surgeons operate from a console equipped with two master controllers that maneuver robotic arms. By viewing a high-definition three-dimensional image on the console, the surgeon is able to see the surgical procedure better than ever before.

The expertise of our surgical team allows us to perform a variety of procedures using the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System, including general and gynecological surgery.

If you are a candidate for surgery, we encourage you to discuss robotic surgery options with your doctor or surgeon.


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