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3D Digital Mammography

3D Digital Mammography

During a digital mammogram, electrical signals are used to produce images of the breast that can be seen on a computer screen or printed on special films to look like regular mammograms.

Images are viewed and can be manipulated on dedicated high-resolution monitors that enhance visualization of the breast tissue, allowing radiologists to be more thorough in their interpretation of your results.

Digital mammography allows the radiologist to adjust image contrast, brightness and magnification levels, which assists them in detecting abnormalities of the breast.

What to expect

  • Your breast will be compressed between two plates during the examination.
  • There is mild discomfort during the exam.
  • Some women choose to wait until after their menstrual period to have the exam.

How to prepare for the exam

  • Wear a two-piece outfit on the day of your exam.
  • Do not use powders, deodorant, or lotions on the day of your exam.
  • Please bring copies of previous mammograms to your appointment.

If you are pregnant, please inform the technologist.


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