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New intelliJoint HIP® Means Quicker Recovery, Fewer Complications for Hip Replacement Patients

New intelliJoint HIP® Means Quicker Recovery, Fewer Complications for Hip Replacement Patients

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The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, but as Richard Boiardo, MD, Chief of Orthopedics at CarePoint Health System knows, that connection needs to be very precise. That’s why CarePoint Health started using intelliJoint HIP® technology for total hip joint replacement in December of 2017. As Dr. Boiardo says, “This is the next step in the use of robotic surgery.

How does this type of robotic surgery work?

IntelliJoint HIP® uses a small camera and tracker to provide surgeons with real-time measurements over the course of a hip replacement surgery. This minimally invasive tool can make all the difference in positive patient outcomes.

For one thing, using intelliJoint HIP® has decreased the average length of a patient’s stay at CarePoint to one to two days. That’s a big difference. In general, patients are able to get back on their feet more quickly after their surgery. This aligns with CarePoint’s vision of continually improving the experience for surgical patients. According to Dr. Boiardo, “Our goal here at CarePoint is to begin to do same day joint replacement surgery, so the patient can recover at home where they are the most comfortable.”

The most important patient outcome of intelliJoint HIP®, though, is that it greatly minimizes the risk of the most common hip replacement complications. IntelliJoint HIP® offers excellent precision on three critical measurements for a successful joint replacement: angle of new cup, length of leg, and hip offset.

If any of these measurements are inaccurate, it can result in hip instability and dislocation, reduced hip function and motion, or long-term joint pain. These issues can lead to future surgeries to repair the first replacement or even require a second full replacement. However, the precision of intelliJoint HIP® can negate the risk of these complications.

“Using the Intellijoint technology allows the surgeon to precisely implant the hip prosthesis, which significantly reduces the risk for hip dislocation and leg lengthening issues,” says Dr. Boiardo. “The joint remains more durable due to the precise orientation and can last longer before needing to be changed.”

The addition of intelliJoint HIP® to CarePoint Health’s orthopedic services gives  residents of Hudson County access to the best surgical experience close to home. Patients looking for dedicated doctors and top-notch technology can find them locally without the inconvenience of transit to Manhattan.

“The orthopedic surgeons at CarePoint Health strive to achieve the best quality outcomes for their patients,” Dr. Boiardo explains. “This requires they always remain well informed and trained on the latest surgical technology and techniques that can only enhance the patient’s experience.”

From the toe bone to the back bone to the neck bone, at CarePoint Health, they’ll always be connected with precision and care.


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