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Beauty tips that will keep you looking great throughout pregnancy

Beauty tips that will keep you looking great throughout pregnancy

Now that you’ve learned you’re expecting a baby, you may have concerns about how to maintain your appearance throughout the course of your pregnancy. Since you’re now responsible for another person’s health and development, the choices you make in regards to skin care and beauty must be safe for both you and your baby. Thankfully, hormonal changes will contribute to your having a natural glow, stronger nails, and thicker hair that grows at a faster pace. However, your body may be more prone to allergies and sensitivities during this time period as a result of hormone fluctuation and pregnancy.

Are you concerned about how you’ll be able to maintain your current beauty routine throughout pregnancy? Take a look at the follow skin care, makeup, nails, and hair tips that will keep you looking vibrant, beautiful, and healthy during your pregnancy.

Makeup and skin care

Look into using makeup and skin care products made from organic or all-natural ingredients. Most over-the-counter makeup brands and skin care products contain a series of chemicals and ingredients that can increase your risk for toxicity and illness. According to Indie Lee, the founder of her own line of all-natural beauty products, pregnant women should purchase and use beauty products with very few ingredients that can easily be pronounced to avoid exposure to toxins and free radicals.

Additionally, Lee recommends drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. Water helps your skin maintain its elasticity, and can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. When shopping for skin care products, buy brands that contain tea tree oil, citrus, chamomile, and ylang ylang — all of which can brighten your skin naturally. Lastly, avoid using products that contain synthetic fragrances, which can lead to skin irritation.


The most important factor to keep in mind when getting your nails done at a salon is ventilation. According to esteemed nail artist and blogger Chelsea King, it’s important to have your nails done in an environment free of toxic fumes, which can increase the risk for health problems for you and your baby. Nail polish itself isn’t as toxic because it isn’t being absorbed by your skin, however, you may want to opt for dye-free nail polish that lacks toxic chemicals just to be on the safe side. You may also want to bring your own nail tools to the salon to lower your risk for exposure to fungus and bacteria.


If you normally dye your hair, you may have concerns about how to maintain your favorite hair color throughout pregnancy. According to Pasquale Caselle, the creative director for IT&LY Hairfashion, pregnant women should avoid having their hair colored during the first trimester of pregnancy and within the first three months of giving birth if you plan on breastfeeding. Hair dye and bleach are host to a number of chemicals that can enter your bloodstream through your skin and increase you and your baby’s risk for health problems.

As a workaround, consult with your hairstylist about products you can use that lack chemicals, or about new hairstyles that involve dying only the tips of your hair. In some cases, you might be able to dilute hair dye with water or sunflower oil to make the product more tolerable during pregnancy.

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