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7 reasons to exercise during pregnancy

7 reasons to exercise during pregnancy

You know that physical activity is good for you at any age. It helps keep your weight in check, reduces your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and improves your mood and energy level. If you’re pregnant, you can still reap these benefits. In fact, medical experts now recommend exercise during pregnancyfor nearly all women.

Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy or medical condition that prohibits you from exercise, it’s time to get that baby belly moving. Here are some great reasons to exercise while you’re expecting:

  1. You may gain less weight during pregnancy, which leads to a healthier delivery and baby. Overweight moms tend to have more difficult births and a higher risk for C-sections. If you can keep your weight in check, you may find your childbirth experience is faster and easier for both of you.
  2. You reduce your risk of high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure while pregnant can lead to preeclampsia, a dangerous and potentially fatal condition for you or your baby. High blood pressure during pregnancy can also increase your risk of having high blood pressure later in life. Exercise can decrease your risk of these issues.
  3. You reduce your risk of gestational diabetes, which can increase your baby’s risk of being obese or having diabetes later in life. It can also result in a larger baby that is more difficult to deliver.
  4. You will have less weight to lose later. Imagine looking more like your old self just a few months after your baby is born, and not worrying about more excess pounds to lose when you’re busy caring for a toddler.
  5. Exercise reduces pregnancy-related pains in your back and legs.
  6. Exercise can alleviate constipation, a common problem during pregnancy.
  7. You will have more energy to keep up with your busy life.
  8. Exercise may help you sleep better. Get those restful hours while you can, before your newborn is waking you at night!

Not sure where to start? Walking is a great option for pregnant women, as well as strength training with lighter weights. About 30 minutes a day, five times a week is ideal — but work your way up if you can’t do that much at first. If you normally do spinning, swimming, or jogging, it’s okay to continue those with your physician’s approval. But remember, don’t overdo it. If you’re so out of breath that you can’t talk, you are working too hard. Slow down until you are able to talk while you’re working out.

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